Ways to Promote Children’s Resilience to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Covid 19 has effected on health, social and economic. And Children’s development and well-being and their families. There are researches on resilience suggested ‘Protective factor’ can keep children from harm and can adapt positively to world’s current context.

Protective Factor 1 Sensitive, responsive caregiving   it’s important that children have maintain interaction age – appropriate regularly with adult or caregiver

Protective Factor 2 Meeting basic needs  Mobilizing resources for basic needs is critically important. Family, community and services are needed to participate to gather resources.

Protective factor 3 Emotion support for children Every routine is changed, this effected to children’s behavior changes. Only emotional support from parents, community. This can bring back their behavior before pandemic.

Protective factor 4 Support of caregiver well-being once parents or caregiver is well take care, this will reflect to children well – being too.

Protective factor 5 Social connectedness Even social distancing but shouldn’t not turn into social isolation. Virtual connection are essential important during this pandemic.



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