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Equitable Education Research Institute

The objective of ‘The Equitable Education Fund (EEF)’ in order to establish Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) is to develop and reduce the inequality of Thai education in all dimensions. The main purpose is to support educational missions, research knowledge and information technology in order to help strengthen and improve the quality of human resources including enhancing the ability of Thai people.




Of working in

Quality and Professionalism

Working with quality and academic standards and the highest professional level to ensure the work is consistently accepted at both national and international levels.

Integrity and Responsibility

Working couples with ethics, honesty and responsibility for the national budget from public taxes and donations.

Impact and Independence

Working with the resource availability, making the most of the changes, and developing systematic knowledge are to study opportunities to solve problems and use the information to make accurate decisions under independent management in accordance with the spirit of the constitution.

Human-centered Organization

The Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) gives the highest priority to human resource development in all dimensions in order to bring the academic and draw mental potential of the staff available to support educational innovation and create a friendly work environment in the organization.

Engage and Inclusive

Working is to develop knowledge and technology closely with the area and target groups continuously and systematically both in terms of information, listening to opinions and various experiences in order to make the work come out confidently, get the trust of users and all stakeholders.


The Mission of Equitable Education Fund (EEF)’66

Enhancing management systems for educational equality with principles and three significances.

An investment in knowledge
to assist and generate more
value for the target groups.

Mobilization for creative
participation from all sectors.

Suggesting measures to
create the policy changes.

Innovation and research development plan 2021


The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) has knowledge, information technology and academic networks both domestic and international education to enhance the mission of educational equality for all citizens.


Supporting the research and innovation development’ missions for educational equality collaborates with both domestic and international academic networks through the process of participation from all stakeholders both at the local and nationwide to encourage the mission of enhancing educational equality of the Equitable Education Fund.

Innovation and research development plan



The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) has knowledge, information technology and innovation for educational equality.


The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) has academic networks to jointly enhance educational equality agenda both domestic and international education.


Society and government trust in the research findings and policy proposals of the Equitable Education Fund (EEF).



Development innovation, quality research and high levels of systemic impact.


Using data and research reliability to drive the social agenda for educational equality.


Developing academic networks for educational equality at all levels both domestic and international education.


Developing policy proposals for educational equality with policy users both at the local and nationwide that the society trusts in information and research.