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Delicious set menus and easy to make for 20 baht

Delicious set menus and easy to make for 20 baht: if there is 20 baht, which food can be eaten? Those questions will be answered from the video clip, please see the video clip below, because ‘Chef Book’ Boonsamit Phukkanasut, a famous cook, will prove that 20 baht can also make delicious food that is nutritious as well. ‘Chef Book’ has designed food menus for the Equitable Education Fund (EEF)’s students, parents and schools, which can be used as an idea to create delicious home-made set menus, do it yourself, and at an affordable price. What is his cooking style? and which menus will be served for us? Let’s see and follow it.

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The guidelines for the opening new semester, learning and understanding Covid-19

The Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) combines suggestions and guidelines for conducting in the schools in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic for students, teachers, staff, parents and carers, regardless of whether small or large agencies from the government or private sectors can study this data set to learn and understand how to stay away from Covid-19 correctly, which can be downloaded at …. the link below