3 August 2020

Thailand Advice on Narrow the Learning Gaps between Schools

Thailand Advice on Narrow the Learning Gaps between Schools
23 July 2020

The Equity Partnership’s Social Network Program

The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) has partnered with Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok Christian College, and JD Central to create The Equity Partnership’s Social Network program. This partnership program brings together students from different communities to better understand one another and trade practical skill sets and valuable knowledge which can help them in their future careers.
18 July 2020
วีดีโอแนะนำแนวทางปฏิบัติที่ถูกต้องของ รถโรงเรียน

The video to introduce the guidelines for the school bus safety

During this new semester, traveling to school for students is another way to be careful because there is a much higher chance of spreading the coronavirus (Covid-19)
18 July 2020

Delicious set menus and easy to make for 20 baht

if there is 20 baht, which food can be eaten? Those questions will be answered from the video clip, please see the video clip below, because 'Chef Book' Boonsamit Phukkanasut, a famous cook, will prove that 20 baht
8 July 2020

Communication sent from the heart of the teachers

If in a normal situation, this is probably the time for the big semester, where teachers are actively engaged in assessing the students under supervision and aiming to develop teaching preparation for the new academic year.
8 July 2020
ชุดความรู้ประจำวัน ห่างไกลจากโควิด-19

Daily knowledge set stays away from Covid-19

Daily knowledge set stays away from Covid-19- preparing to meet with the daily knowledge set that children, parents, teachers or educational personnel can be viewed and put into practice easily in order to be far from Covid-19.
8 July 2020

A set of distance learning guides

for children who still have to study distance learning. The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) has a set of knowledge in various subjects that the Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) cooperated with Associate Professor Dr. Thanyawich Vichenpant, the director of the Research and Academic Services Center, Sripatum University at Chonburi, as another way for children to be able to study various knowledge sets continuously and without interruption.
8 July 2020

The guidelines for the opening new semester, learning and understanding Covid-19

The Equitable Education Research Institute (EEFI) combines suggestions and guidelines for conducting in the schools in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic for students, teachers, staff, parents and carers, regardless of whether small or large agencies from the government or private sectors can study this data set to learn and understand how to stay away from Covid-19 correctly, which can be downloaded at .... the link below
8 July 2020

Posters for basic warning for use in educational institutions

this semester is not the same as before. Children are able to live together, which stays away from the Covid-19. What are some basic practices? Teachers and parents can download this document to use these posters to alert children in order to act correctly in each activity without having to waste time writing down the warnings by yourself anymore.